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Jay Ferguson provides advice, legal representation, and document preparation to help you collect what is owed.




Business Collections - This is why Jay's experience matters.


Your business depends upon cash flow. Delinquent receivables hinder operations and productivity. When you provide a good or service as agreed, you deserve to receive payment in full. Ferguson Law Office has assisted small- and medium-size businesses in collecting unpaid debts since 1985.


When a customer fails to pay, successful collection of the debt can be difficult. Even after a judgment is obtained, collection is far from assured. That is why experience matters.


Debt collection services include:


- Review and prepare company forms: credit applications, contracts, purchase orders, bids/quotes, and change orders


- Pre-suit Demand letters (in accordance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act if required)


- Filing suit and obtaining judgment


- Asset research


- Recording liens and transcribing judgments


- Execution on and attaching assets


- Garnishment of wages


Jay has the necessary experience in debt collection, and can handle your needs in the Omaha area from pre-suit demand to post-judgment collection efforts.